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No Missed Opportunities Virtual University

No Missed Opportunities  Virtual University  SWCVU  So West Coast 101  

Trojan Sunday

 EjG ii office supplies and services  Pablo (service dog) Keeps watch Property Security Walk 

Trojan Night

 Trojan Night  Smart lighting

Trojans Treasure

 Trojans take Action Not everyone can be a Trojan    Continued Behavior will become habits.  Reports are the foundation of Trojan Progress. Pictures and Video  Dates Time  Names Places  DOLLARS are in the detail$. Do you want to be remembered as the watermelon eater Or The Trojan in Charge.  Simple  You see trash  Take it Out. 

Trojan Housing Plan

  NMOLA  Trojan Housing Plan Front Door (open) Wi-Fi Table (smart light - Hall)  Kitchen/ Bathroom (view from Stair Landing) NMOLA Office Door (Blink Door bell and Camera) and Meeting Area (4 chairs and Expanable Table) NMOLA Meeting Room Smart light Hall (Front/Side door)  2nd Bathroom view ( Back room use) NMOLA Meeting Room Area Smart light (Back light 1 &2)  Back Door (Smart Light 1&2)  Rear Parking  Under stairs Work Space  (2nd Bathroom for Back Room)  NMOLA Rest Room (Cleanest in House)